Anime in Real Life: A Pilgrimage Near You (Steins;Gate & Eden of the East)


Last week, we took you along for an anime pilgrimage to K-ON!’s Saukragaoka High School. This week, we thought it would be neat to be able to visit anime locations that are a lot closer to us than Japan. If you’re not jumping on a plane and flying to Japan anytime soon, you might still be able to pull off an anime pilgrimage in your area. Read on as we visit spots (in person and virtually) from Steins;Gate in LA and Eden of the East in NYC.

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Chihayafuru 2 Now Airing


Competitive karuta has never been so exciting. Based on the manga of the same name, the anime Chihayafuru, follows the exploits of a high school team that competes in the sport of karuta, a Japanese card game involving centuries old poems. Sounds like an unlikely premise for an anime I know, but trust me, it’s good stuff. The second season just started airing Continue reading

Muv Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse

Sorry, this is just a quick post but I had to share. This is what I’m watching at the moment. It pretty much has everything I like in an anime so far good animation, excellent character design, rockin’ music, cool looking mecha, and an entertaining story and script. Check it out on here.

video: YouTube via AxeVisionX.