Seijin no Hi – Coming of Age Day


Members of Nogizaka 46 during their Coming of Age Day.

Today is the traditional Japanese day of Seijin no Hi (成人の日, or Coming of Age Day to us English speakers. It celebrated by those who have turned 20, marking the transition of young Japanese people into adulthood. Continue reading

Anime in Real Life: A Pilgrimage Near You (Steins;Gate & Eden of the East)


Last week, we took you along for an anime pilgrimage to K-ON!’s Saukragaoka High School. This week, we thought it would be neat to be able to visit anime locations that are a lot closer to us than Japan. If you’re not jumping on a plane and flying to Japan anytime soon, you might still be able to pull off an anime pilgrimage in your area. Read on as we visit spots (in person and virtually) from Steins;Gate in LA and Eden of the East in NYC.

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