Plastik Dolls is all about Japanese Pop-Culture with a focus on anime, toys, music, cosplay, travel within Japan, and more.

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Editor: Jerry
I’ve been an anime and Japanese toy fanatic since I was but a wee little lad back in the early-80’s. This fanaticism has propelled me to my current gig as a freelance-writer for
GEEK Magazine covering Japanese pop-culture for them. With Plastik Dolls, I am sharing the people, places, and things that interest me and catch my eye.

Contributor: Jade
When not duplicating the latest SCANDAL band outfits, Jade is hard at work translating all sorts of Japanese things into English for us like curry recipes and Gatsby hair product instructions. You can stalk her (not in a creepy way, but in a fun, endearing, supportive way) on twitter here.

Contributor: Eddie
Eddie is founder of White Specs Photography and is a stud that lets us repost his cosplay pictures. He travels all over covering many, many anime conventions and cosplay gatherings seeking the perfect cosplay photo. Check out more of his photos here.

Contributor: Neil
An expert guitar pick catcher, this seasoned pro of rocking out has risked life and limb and arrest to catch picks thrown from stages from venues like Los Angeles’ Key Club all the way to the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo.

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