SCANDAL Announces 10th Album: YELLOW


Japanese rockband SCANDAL has announced the release of their 10th full-length album called, YELLOW. To be released on March 2, 2016, YELLOW has the unique distinction of being self-produced by the band’s members. 


Late last year, SCANDAL gave us a sneak peek at the new album by releasing the singles “Stamp!” and “Sisters.” In following with their tradition, YELLOW will be released in three versions with different covers including a regular release, a limited edition release that includes a DVD, as well as a second limited edition version which includes a t-shirt. As always, SCANDAL’s first pressing releases usually sell out, so if you like free bonuses, we recommend locking in your order early.

The YELLOW album will be promoted with a live performance tour that so far spans 19 performances in nine cities in Japan from April to May as well as in Taiwan and Hong Kong in June. Those of us lucky enough to have seen SCANDAL live in concert can attest to the power of their performance. Don’t miss out on seeing them if you get the chance.

Details on SCANDAL New album: “YELLOW”
Release Date: March 2, 2016
Bonus: Win a chance to meet the band while they’re on tour! Each album will include a ticket to a digital lottery for a Meet & Greet invitation during SCANDAL TOUR 2016 YELLOW.

YELLOW Limited Edition with SPECIAL ORIGINAL T-Shirt
Part number: ESCL 4590-1
Price: ¥5,200
Order here:

YELLOW Limited Edition (CD + DVD) [DVD contents to be announced at a later date.]
Part number: ESCL 4592-3
Price: ¥3,700
Order here:

YELLOW Regular Edition (First Pressing is Limited Edition and comes with a bonus sticker.)
Part Number: ESCL4594
Price: ¥3,200
Order here:

YELLOW features 13 songs including a bonus one in English!
1. Room No.7
2. Stamp! (Previously released as SCANDAL’s 21st single.)
4. Morning sun (theme song for the movie “Neko Nanka Yonde Mo Konai”)
5. Sunday Drive
6.今夜はピザパーティー (Pizza Party Tonight)
7.ヘブンな気分 (A Heavenly Mood)
10. Sisters (Previously released as SCANDAL’s 22nd single.)
11. Happy Birthday
12.ちいさなほのお (Small Flame) (theme song for the SCANDAL Documentary film “HELLO WORLD”) 
Your Song – English Version –

For more information about the YELLOW Tour:

SCANDAL Official Website:

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