SCANDAL’s HARUNA and MAMI’s on Playstation 4 Japan Release

SCANDAL’s HARUNA and MAMI‘s comment on the Playstation®4 COUNTDOWN, English translation after the jump!

HARUNA: “A big congratulations to the upcoming release of Playstation 4!


MAMI: “We’re looking forward to it, aren’t we?


HARUNA: “We had the first, second and third one…and now the glorious number four! It’s new and we’re really looking so forward to it. When’s the most frequent that you’ve played?


MAMI: “When? When I was in primary school?


HARUNA: “That was more than 10 years ago. Me too, it was back when I was in primary school. Which was the first software you’ve bought?


MAMI: “Which one was it…Beatmania or something.


HARUNA: “Ah, it’s music/sound-related


MAMI: “Yeah, I really like the music-type games and played stuff like Para-Para (→ plus this one other game which Idk what it is), which is the dance sort. Or like Dance Dance Revolution.


HARUNA: “Yeah somehow we bought it and played. It’s pretty nostalgic isn’t it? It’s like an unbelievable platform, when we first bought it.


MAMI: “That’s right, it was like all-purpose.


HARUNA / MAMI: “Speaking of RPG, it’s the Playstation. Following on, we were also part of the Sengoku BASARA4 ending theme song. From now on, we’ll also be looking forward to the Playstation 4. To end off, that was SCANDAL’s vocalist HARUNA and guitarist MAMI! Bye bye!


Being that MAMI in particular is a bigtime video game fan, it was nice to hear her talk about her first gaming experiences and what she thought of PS4. This translation was brought to you by Elaine from fuckyeahscandalband, an amazing tumblr page dedicated to SCANDAL. For more translations and news about SCANDAL, follow her tumblr page.

Video: 2xCantarian @ YouTube

(Source: fuckyeahscandalband)

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