Fender Announces SCANDAL Signature Guitars by Squier


Fender of Japan announces SCANDAL Signature Guitars by Squier. Now you can rock out on the same guitars that SCANDAL members Haruna, Mami, and Tomomi play.

Slated for a 2014 Summer release, each of SCANDAL’s members will receive a Signature Squier guitar patterned after the ones that they use on stage and in music videos.



The nick name for Haruna’s is “Skullsilver”(スカルシルバー)and is officially called  Squier by Fender 「HARUNA TELECASTER® DARK SILVER SPARKLE」 . It is based on the Telecaster with a “Wide Range” humbucker. It’s retail price will be ¥60,000 plus tax.



Mami’s is nicke named “Stratomaster”(ストラトマスター)and is officially called  Squier by Fender 「MAMI JAZZMASTER® PEARL WHITE」 . It is based on a Jazzmaster and is a fusion between a American Standard Stratocaster  HSS with its “Floating” tremolo. It will retail at ¥60,000 plus tax.



“Bluetus” (Brutus) is the name of TOMOMI’s bass. The Squier by Fender 「TOMOMI JAZZ BASS ® SKY BLUE」is finished in sky blue with a distinctive competition yellow stripe. Tomomi’s “Bluetus” will also retail at ¥60,000 plus tax.

original post and images: http://www.fender.jp/squier/news/artist/001643.php

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