Perfume 4th Tour in DOME「LEVEL3」 at Tokyo Dome


Electropop group PERFUME completed their dome tour, “Perfume 4th Tour in DOME「LEVEL3」 at Tokyo Dome with two performances, one on Christmas Eve and another on Christmas Day. We were on hand to catch the action both nights. The three show dome tour began two weeks prior, at Osaka’s Kyocera Dome on December 8th. Each concert was sold out for a reported total audience of 160,000.


Hours before the venue’s doors opened, a large crowd had already gathered. There was a electric buzz in the air as thousands of Perfume fans mingled. The slight chill in the air didn’t stop cosplayers from showing off their custom made costumes representing different outfits from Perfume’s videos and performances. Being Christmas, there were also plenty of “Santa’s Helpers” around too. Fans from all over Japan as well as the world gathered and shared their Perfume fandom.

On the first night our seats were located in Level 1 along the third baseline. On the second night, we were presented with a pleasant surprise. Thanks to World PTA (Perfume’s official international fan club), we were given seat upgrades to the 8th row center stage on the floor! From this vantage point, the concert seemed to be an entirely different show.


As always, Perfume delivered in terms of stage design as well as their dance performance. The main stage had a gigantic white dome that doubled as a video screen. The show has a very theatrical feel to it, with Perfume members A-chan, Kashiyuka, and Nocchi performing on cranes, various platforms, and a moving stage that traveled around the dome. The even engaged the audience by throwing specially signed balls into the audience. The girls were decidedly sharp with brilliantly executed precision moves. The crescendo of the crowd kept building up as and incredible energy filled Tokyo Dome. What do 50,000 Perfume fans sound like when they all scream at once? Deafening joy.


Set List:
01. Enter the Sphere
02. Spring of Life
03. Magic of Love
– MC 1
04. 1mm
05. Clockwork
06. Point
– MC 2
07. Furikaeru to Iru yo
08. Sleeping Beauty
09. Party Maker
10. Spending All My Time
11. Computer City
– MC 3
12. Electro World
13. Jenny Wa Gokigen Nanamae
14. One Room Disco
15. Mirai no Museum
– P.T.A. Corner
16. Daijobanai
17. Polyrhythm
18. Chocolate Disco
19. My Color
20: Dreamland

For the ultimate fan, band goods are a must take home souvenir. Here’s what the sales booth looked like as well as the available tour goods.

We would like to send a special “Thank You” to Yuko Nakamura from the Facebook fan group Perfume Fans. Nakamura and other local fans hosted a party in Shibuya where we and other international Perfume fans had a great time meeting each other over drinks, food and fun games.

Images: Perfume Facebook, Glenn Matayoshi

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Wow, it looked like so much fun. Thank you for writing this! I cannot wait for the DVD/Blu-ray so I can learn the full dances to 1mm and Party Maker, I heard they were performed and it was amazing :O wish I was there.

    Also I wrote a blog post earlier this month about London fans of Perfume having a meetup. Mind checking it out and commenting? You might like to read it :)

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