Tune in Tokyo 5th Anniversary Art Show & YSTK Release


Harajuku and Shibuya-influenced party promoters Tune in Tokyo celebrated their 5th anniversary with an art show and debut of “YSTK” ‘Zine from the Ultranimbus artist collective, celebrating Yasutaka Nakata.

Tune in Tokyo held it’s first art show in conjuncture with Ultranimbus and Deathpop, celebrating five years of J-Pop and K-Pop in Los Angeles. A large crowd gathered to see the showcase featuring Tune in Tokyo’s favorite flyer and promotional art from 2008 to the present at Agit Gallery in LA’s Koreatown.

The art show also featured the launch of the new mini-magazine “YSTK” from the Ultranimbus artist collective, celebrating Yasutaka Nakata – the prolific producer behind Perfume, Capsule and other cutting-edge Japanese electropop acts. YSTK also included a CD packed full of electropop mixes.


A Tune in Tokyo event wouldn’t be complete without great music. Musical guests Meishi Smile and Jake Kaufmann a.k.a. Virt featuring Tommy Pedrini of Cats on Mars. Tune in Tokyo DJs – Greg Hignight, Del, Tora & Ally also got behind the DJ booth and spun a mix of J-Pop, K-Pop and global dance beats.

The show featured art & photography work by by Lili Chin, Sean D’Anconia, Joshua Dearing, Emi Nguyen, Jose Macasocol, Jr., Eddie Xu, Anna Rose, Chris Marino, Dana Guerrieri, Evon Freeman, Lorraine Grate, James Montagna, Shihfu (Stephanie Shih), Raymund Florida, Elliot Trinidad, Thymine (Grace Voong), Erin Bratton, & NAKI (Michelle Lee) Jettila Lewis, Swirley Wehrle, Paprika Mari, Deathpop, Zekie Cho, lemontree11, Tye Tominaga, David Willis and more.

images: Jerry @ PlastikDolls

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