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Perfume successfully completed their 4th Dome Tour at Tokyo Dome over Christmas Eve and Christmas amid much fanfare. Simultaneously, Perfume announced their newest release, a music video collection called Perfume Clips.

Perfume Clips includes all the music clips released while they were signed to Tokuma Japan Communications and includes songs from their major debut, “Linear Motor Girl” all the way to “FAKE IT”, as well as “Chocolate Disco – Historical Live Act Version -.” This set is perfect for anyone who doesn’t yet have Perfume’s other video releases or for the completionist – this set is a must for its awesome Limited Edition bonuses. Read on for more info!

There are Regular Edition and a Limited Edition releases. The track listing for both editions includes an incredible 23 videos.

Perfume Clips Track Listing:

1. リニアモーターガール (Linear Motor Girl)
2. コンピューターシティ (Computer City)
3. エレクトロ・ワールド (Electro World)
4. チョコレイト・ディスコ (Chocolate Disco)
5. Twinkle Star Powdery Snow
6. ポリリズム (Polyrhythm)
7. Baby cruising love
8. マカロ (Makaro)
9. シークレットシークレット (Secret Secret)
10. love the world
11. Dream Fighter
12. ワンルーム・ディスコ (One Room Disco)
13. I still love U
14. 不自然なガール (Fushizen’na Girl)
15. ナチュラルに恋して (Natural ni Koishite)
17. ねぇ (Nee)
18. レーザービーム(FULL Ver.) (Laser Beam)
20. スパイス (Spice)
21. 微かなカオリ(TV Ver.) (Kasukana Kaori)
23. チョコレイト・ディスコ-Historical Live Act Version- (Chocolate Disco)

The Limited Edition version ups the ante and includes the videos listed above as well as a bonus disc with newly taken footage in which A-CHAN, KASHIYUKA, and NOCCHI comment on their music videos. The disc also includes rare footage of “Macaroni Individual Version” in which you can see each member in their own video,  “Kasukana Kaori – Vertical Version,” “I still love U – Netabarashi Version,” TV spots, and more.

The two editions are available on Region-2 DVD as well as All-Region Blu-ray and are set to release on 02/02/14. Both are available at CDJapan priced at ¥3500 to ¥6000 depending on the edition at the following links:

LIMITED EDITION Blu-ray (Region Free)




REGULAR EDITION Blu-ray (Region Free)



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