Special SCANDAL SCANOMICS Tee & Puzzle


SCANDAL SCANOMICS, a radio show featuring SCANDAL on Tokyo FM, has spawned its own limited line of goods including a MAMI drawn t-shirt available in two-colors variations and a jigsaw puzzle.

The MAMI created “SOBUKO” T-shirt features a mighty cute drawing of a meal of fish, rice, and miso soup on it with the SCANDAL x SCANOMICS logo on the back. It is available in white or black in sizes Small, Medium, and Large for ¥2500.

RINA wears it so well, doesn’t she?

scandal-scanomics-5 scandal-scanomics-3 scandal-scanomics-2

A first time for SCANDAL is the release of a jigsaw puzzle featuring members TOMOMI, HARUNA, RINA, and MAMI from their STANDARD photo shoot. It is a challenging 1,000 pieces and measures 75x50cm (that’s about 29.5 x 19.7 inches folks!). This sells for ¥3500 and comes in a nice box featuring the puzzle’s image.



All the items are limited in availability and are available online at Tokyo FM’s store.

Listen to SCANDAL talk about these releases on the 12/24/13 edition of SCANDAL SCANOMICS here:


images: Shops.Love, Tokyo FM, SCANDAL Blog, Freddy Baltazar, Glenn Matayoshi
video: solfaman

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  1. Do you ship to the US?

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