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Mr. Machida writes a blog about the new figma Indiana Jones. 


Information will start soon! figma Indiana Jones!!
Theme:Information starting

Hello, everyone.
I’m Machida, in charge of planning.

Well then, I shall be introducing this today!

figma Indiana Jones!!
We were able to display it at the All Japan Model & Hobby Show the other day, and information for it is finally startingー.
So, I’ll introduce it right now!

The protagonistic archaeology professor of the movie series 『Indiana Jones』.
The distinctive fedora, leather jacket, and bullwhip have all been well-reproduced.
There’s also this 「pistol」 as an accessoryー.

What’s in his hand is the 「Golden Idol」 treasure that appeared in 「Raiders of the Lost Ark」.
It’s quite shiny.
The whip attached to his waist is removable.

Please enjoy the 「gazing replacement parts」 for his facial expressionsー.

There’s an extension for the 「bullwhip」 included, so enjoy the various poses!

Also, since the whip has some movable parts, it’s possible to do these kinds of movements.
Try out different onesー.

In his hand is a 「Sankara stone」 treasure from 「The Temple of Doom」.

A shot of the treasures side-by-side.
In his hand is the 「Holy Grail」 treasure that appeared in 「The Last Crusade」.

…When you try lining them up like that, the presence of the Golden Idol is awesome….

Information for figma Indiana Jones
Will start tomorrow around noon!
The price will be 4800 yen, including tax, and is scheduled to go on sale approximately in March of 2014!

Please be sure to reserve thisー!

© & ™ Lucasfilm Ltd.

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