Gundam & Voltron in Vogue Magazine


Haute couture magazine, Vogue, recently did a fashion photoshoot featuring of all things – mecha. We get to see a few Gundam units and a Go-Lion Voltron interact with high fashion models. Now that’s an interesting mix.

What happens with the fashion world meets mecha? This!



It looks like the editors at Vogue have been enjoying toy photography and wanted to try it out themselves. The Gundams look to be from from the Bandai Tamashii Nations line of Gundam Fix Figuration. It is available for purchase here: Bandai Tamashii Nations Unicorn Gundam “Gundam UC” – G.F.F. Metal Composite


The large Voltron toy seems to be the Toynami Shogun Warriors Jumbo Collection: Go-Lion that is currently available from

images: Vogue Magazine

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