SCANDAL Achieves New Oricon Charts Record


Japanese pop-rock band SCANDAL’s new album STANDARD achieved the #3 position on the Oricon Weekly Charts, enabling them to break a new record by being the first girls’ band to have 5 consecutive albums, starting from their debut album, enter the Top 5 on the Oricon Charts. Congratulations to the band!

In commemoration of the 5th year anniversary of their major label debut, as well as to celebrate their Oricon achievement, the band held a special party at Tokyo Kinema Club and invited 555 fans to take part.

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Images: Sony Music Entertainment Japan, Barks

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  1. Not surprised at Scandal’s latest achievement – they are simply THAT awesome! Hopefully they’ll release a Greatest Hits album and tour Australia! :)

  2. Of course, cuz theyre super awesome.
    Greetings from Germany (:

  3. Oi, Congratulations SCANDAL, may you have more success.

  4. we want Scandal to perform in the Philippines, pls. pls.

  5. Omedetou Gozaimasu SCANDAL. You girls are just AWESOME!!!

  6. agree…many Filipino love Scandal <3

  7. Yes!! Filipino SCANDAL fan here!! I have all songs of them on my phone. 😀

  8. I hope scandal can perform in the philippines … hehe we LOVE SCANDAL A LOT

  9. Congratulation Scandal! We love you! You have are all awesome and unique ^_^
    Hope to see you perform in the Philippines 😀

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