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Mr. I.G. Sakai of Max Factory posts a blog featuring Mr. Masu from the planning department about a “posing course” for male character figmas. 


The return of “Posing Course After Coming Home”!! #3 “Honorable Man”
Theme:Posing Course

Hello, everyone! I.G. Sakai, formerly Intelligent Gorilla Sakai, here.


This time “Posing Course After Coming Home” returns with #3!!


Last time for course #2 we welcomed Kaneko Nitohei, and this time we shall have Masu-senpai, the “posing demon” of the planning department be in charge.
The subject this time is 「Cool standing poses for male characters」.

Well then, if you would, Masu-senpai.
Masu: 「Thank you, everyone. Well then, I shall continue the lecture for using figmas.」



Masu: This is 「archetype:he flesh color ver. 」.

Well, let’s start right away. I get the feeling that I won’t hold back on posing.」


Well, you could say that, but that would be the end of this corner (laughs)

Maybe if we make you give points by force!!?


Masu: 「Yeーs, for now let’s talk about 「twisting」. For humans, something definitely twists when something moves (ex. when walking your right hand and left leg move together→your shoulders and lower back twists in reverse), so when you put it into an action pose, locate a feel-good twisting zone after you twist.」

On the contrary, failure to not twist at all is an indication of there being some kind of intention.
Well, let’s take a look at how Masu-senpai posed the archetype♂!

Oh ho, so manly! Really cool♪♪

But this, this is the「S-shaped」 standing pose that you taught us for female characters・・・

Are there any differences between male and female characters?


Masu: 「There are 3 big differences. I’ll explain it while comparing the photos.」


First we have a female character. Here’s a recap from the previous time, pointing the toes/thighs inward. It’s a standard for female characters!


Masu: 「Please pay attention to the arms. You can see that they’re twisted outward.

Also, the toes pointed inwards, that is to say that the legs are twisted inwards.

Comparing it with a male character・・・」


It’s the opposite!!


Masu: 「Yes, the directions are reversed from the female character, with the male character’s arms twisted inwards and feet twisted outwards. He becomes a bit bowlegged.」

It’s interesting how femininity or masculinity can be expressed just by changing which direction something is twisted.




Masu: 「The last point is the chest.

Female characters lean back where their chests are, and male characters pull back a little and then embrace where their chests are.

I get this kind of impression from this. However, when you pull the chest back too much it gives off a sense of discomfort, so please do it just right.」
I see. When we put the points of male character posing together

1, The arms are twisted inwards

2, The feet are facing outward; bowlegged

3, The chest is slightly drawn back and then goes up



Masu: 「Good!!! But, what I said about 「just right」 could really differ depending on the character and what molding or joints it has, so remember this only as a basis and please give the character its cool (or cute) pose.」


Masu-senpai, thank you very much!
The next posing course will be by Masu-senpai, titled 「 The Most Basic of figma Posing! You Must Lend An Ear to Masu’s Teachings!!」. It’ll be full of eye-opening basic techniques, so please look forward to it!!

See you later!



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