figma Accel World Black Lotus & Aoshima 1/12 Scale Honda CB1000R


As we’ve previously pointed out, Max Factory’s figma figures are approximately 1/12-scale which means that they fit most any 1/12-scale model or accessory quite well. Aoshima’s Honda CB1000R motorcycle is no exception.

One look at the sleek angles and gloss black color of the 1/12-scale Honda CB1000R made it an obvious choice to be paired up with the Black Lotus (ブラックロータス) figma from the anime series Accel World.


The CB1000R’s packaging is marked “Automaxx” for its brand, but from the label on the side of its box looks like Japanese hobby kit maker Aoshima distributes it. The motorcycle looks pretty good, with plenty of details including speedometer and engine features. For those who like even more detail, it can probably use some light painting to fill in some of the components such as the brake discs and exhaust. We got our example from Amazon Japan for ¥1837 (approx. $19.33 USD) but recently found it is available on Hobby Link Japan for ¥1440 (approx. $15.15 USD).


The bike looks good, but it looks much better with the Black Lotus figma riding it. The fit isn’t perfect but she does manage to ride it pretty convincingly. Black Lotus comes with plenty of optional parts including extra sets of arms, legs, and even an extra head. We mixed the optional parts to help her fit the bike better.


This combination looks good, but we think there are plenty of other figma and other 1/12-scale figures that would work as well. Can you think of any? Let us know by commenting below. As you can see, 1/12-scale accessories truly help you bring more out of your figures. Do you have a similar set up? If so, let us know who you have on your motorcycle.

images: Jerry @ Plastik Dolls

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