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Mr. Machida gives a little rundown on a new figma figure of Akane Isshiki from the anime “Vividred Operation.” 


Starting a guide soon! figma Akane Isshiki: Palette Suit ver.!!
Theme:Starting a guide

Hello, everyone.
I’m Machida, who caught a cold at the same nasty syncronicity as Nitouhei.
Everyone, really take care to not catch a cold, please…

Well then, pulling myself together!
Today I shall introduce a product from yesterday’s Kahotan live broadcast~.

figma Akane Isshiki: Palette Suit ver.!!
The transformation of the protagonist Akane-chan from the anime 「Vividred Operation」 is making an appearanceー.

Akane-chan’s image color is red!
Thus, she has a vivid red palette suitー.

She looks like this from the back!
I think the process of the jacket’s hem was finished in a cool mannerー.

…because they’re spats. Yes, yes.

She has 3 types of expressions, and this one is her default face.
The accessories are 「bangs with an included mask」, and Akane-chan with 3 disguises can be reproducedー.

This is her second expression, a 「shouting face」. Please use this for action scenesー.
There’s also her main weapon, the 「Naked Lang」 boomerang, included as an accessory!

Also, there are 「flight effects」 included that you can attach to her feet.
This too is an item you can play with in a number of waysー.

And, this is her third expression, her 「embarrassed-laugh-then-sticking-out-her-tongue face」!!
This is such a cute expression that I want everyone to love it!!

I will start the introduction for this figma Akane Isshiki: Palette Suit ver.
Next week on the 30th (Mon.)!
The price, including tax, is 4200 yen, and it’ll be on sale approximately in February of 2014!!

Everyone, please welcome the brave Akane-chan!!!


That’s it for today!
Well then, farewell, everyone~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.


©vividred project・MBS

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