IKEA Dioder for Collectibles Display Case Lighting


In the eternal quest of perfecting one’s collectibles display, an often overlooked but very important element is easier to implement than you think. That element we speak of is display lighting.

Lighting up a bookshelf or display case gives your collection an immediate visual impact as well as spotlights certain items that might get lost in the mix of a darkened shelf. With LED lighting being affordable and quite easily installed, there’s no reason why any collector should leave their displays in the dark any longer.


On a recent trip to IKEA, I discovered their DIODER line of LED lighting strips. Made for bookcases, I found that they are perfect to install on just about any fixture you want to light up. In my case, I have a glass retail-style display case that I wanted to add lights to. The DIODER comes in different styles and lighting options. I chose to go for the a simple 4-strip white light version which sells for $29.99. It comes with four strips of 25cm (9.75″) length lights, mounting brackets, mounting screws, mounting tape, extension wires, plugs, and a power plug.


The DIODER strips can be installed with the included metal brackets or by strong double stick tape. I opted for the tape since it was the better way to get the lights attached to my glass display case. I chose an area where the lights can light up the largest area of the display case while still remaining hidden from view.


Installation was as easy as sticking the lightweight plastic encased LED strips with the included double stick take to the metal frame of the glass case and plugging them in. I used some black vinyl tape to mount and hide the electrical wire until it exited the case at the back.


The white lights that emit from the DIODER is on the warm side of the spectrum. I wish they were a bit more “white” versus “yellow-white”, but I’m happy with the light nonetheless. Its plenty bright for the confines of a display case and don’t seem to get all that hot.

Here are three lighting situations to give you an idea of white they look like while in use. As you can see, lighting adds a lot of visual punch to a display.


Ambient Light On, Display Lights Off


Ambient Light On, Display Lights On

Ambient Light Off, Display Lights On

Ambient Light Off, Display Lights On

Here are some alternative views of the center display case with DIODER installed.





Do you like your display with or without lights? Let us know by commenting below!

images: Jerry @ Plastik Dolls.

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