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Mr. Machida writes an intro post on yet another new figma coming out this month: the male Vocaloid KAITO.


On sale this month! figma KAITO!!
Theme:Sample introduction

Hello, everyone.
I’m Machida, in charge of planning.

When the typhoon passed, it turned into fall so suddenlyー.
I hope it keeps getting cooler…!!

Well then, I’ll introduce today’s sampleー.

figma KAITO!!
KAITO, the older brother with a refreshing voice, will finally be releasedー.

The package matches Hatsune Miku’s early designs.

Pose him right out of the box!
He has such an elegant standing figureー.

He looks like this from the back!
Since the attached 「scarf 」‘s connection part is a ball joint, you can move it in all kinds of directionsー.

He looks like this when you take off the scarf!
There are 3 different facial expressions, and besides the aforementioned 「smiling face」, there’s also a 「singing face」 included.
It can also be used as quite a comical expression, so it seems that mischievous brother KAITO could reappear!

The attached accessory is this 「long scarf」ー.
You can, naturally, move this in lots of directions, so please try it outー.

Another accessory that’s included is, of course, a 「popsicle」!
When you combine it with the third expression, 「smiling face with eyes closed」, you get a cute brother KAITO!!

By the way, there are 2 popsicles included.
If you have him hold them in both hands, a bouncy♪ brother KAITO is complete!

Please enjoy whichever brother KAITO is your favoriteー.

That’s it for the introduction for figma KAITO!
Its price, including tax, is 4000 yen, and it’ll be on sale on the 27th (Fri.) of this month!!

Thank you in advance if you see this in stores!!!



That’s it for today!
Well then, farewell, everyone~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.
©Crypton Future Media,INC.

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