OTAKON 2013 Epic Cosplay by Beat Down Boogie

Peeping cosplay pictures is a timed honored post-con tradition. Watching well-done videos of cosplayers is even better. Here are a pair of amazing videos by Beat Down Boogie showing off the best of Otakon 2013’s cosplay. The videos are well produced, feature great soundtracks and look fantastic in HD. Check out all the great cosplayers that gathered at the largest anime con on the East Coast in Baltimore, MD from August 9th through 11th.

Apparently there was too much good stuff to be contained in just one video. The people at Beat Down Boogie followed the above video up with a second part as seen below.

Check out more of their cosplay con coverage on their YouTube channel, the link is below.

More Info:
Beat Down Boogie: http://www.youtube.com/user/beatdownboogie?feature=watch
Otakon: http://otakon.com/

videos: Beat Down Boogie via YouTube

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