Toy Photography by Kixkillradio


If you want to see some amazing toy photography, you’ll want to spend a lot of time on the blog, Kixkillradio. Avid anime figure collector, Sheng, posts fantastic photos of her figures in great set-ups, many featuring custom props.


Sheng began collecting figures in 2010 and grew a love for taking pictures of them using props and backdrops, many of them homemade. As you an see, she has a real talent for it. Her collection mostly consists of Good Smile Company‘s chibi line which are called Nendoroid and Cu-Poche by Kotobukiya.


In addition to creating these great diaromas, Sheng is admin for the largest toy photography page on Facebook and photographs Cu-Poche for Kotobukiya and Revoltech figures for Revoltech Philippines.


Earlier this year, Sheng received the Daily Deviation award from the artist community site Deviantart for her work on a pieces titled “Happy Birthday Azunyan” featuring K-ON! chibi figures which can be seen here.


We’re amazed by the custom props and backgrounds as well as the off the shelf props, which are undoubtedly hard to source. Sheng’s attention to detail is top notch; we can’t say enough about her work. You can see more of her work on her website and Facebook.

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images: by Sheng, Kixkillradio Blog

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