Hatsune Miku MAGICAL MIRAI 2013 Concert Comes to LA & NY


Virtual J-Pop singer Hatsune Miku commemorates her birthday with a live concert from Yokohama, Japan to be presented in special theatrical premieres in Los Angeles and New York City.

Live Viewing Japan, a distribution company focused on bringing Japanese entertainment media to an international audience, celebrates the 6th birthday of the world’s renowned virtual idol, Hatsune Miku, with just-announced bi-coastal theatrical premieres in Los Angeles and New York City on August 31st of the Hatsune Miku MAGICAL MIRAI 2013 Concert. A special commemorative live concert scheduled to take place on Saturday, August 30th at the Yokohama Area in Yokohama, Japan and will presented to U.S. fans and J-Pop lovers the next day in a special delayed broadcast film premiere. Additional details and the specific L.A. and New York City theatre locations will be announced shortly. Advance tickets are $20.00 each and go on sale soon.


Hatsune Miku, whose name means, “first sound of the future,” is based on an innovative singing synthesizer software character and is the most popular of the Character Vocal Series software originally created by Crypton Future Media, Inc. using Yamaha’s technology. In Japan, Hatsune Miku is a major phenomenon that grew out of fan-created songs. She has appeared in numerous popular video games and music videos. She’s also played several enthusiastic “concerts,” where she performs on with a live band.

More info:
Live Viewing Japan: http://www.liveviewing.jp/contents/099_miku.html
Crypton Future Media, Inc.: http://www.crypton.co.jp/miku_eng

image: CHRIS © Crypton Future Media, Inc. www.piapro.net
video: YouTube user bobsixtyfive

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