Amazing Tokyo 360

Nothing short of amazing, photographer Jeffrey Martin of 360cities, has captured Tokyo from the tallest point in Tokyo, the top of Tokyo Tower in an amazing 360-degree, 600,000 pixel wide photograph. It is presented in an interactive format that you can control yourself.

The incredible detail caught from so high up is truly awe inspiring. Martin himself notes in his YouTube video presentation (shown above) of this masterpiece that he hasn’t even seen all of the details encompassed in this photo. Taking only a few hours for him to shoot the 8,000 photos with his Canon 7D that compose this photo makes it an awesome feat of photography in my book.

If you’ve been to Japan before and you miss being there – like I do, you’re probably familiar with the syndrome I call “Post-Japan Depression”. Well, you can recapture that “Japanese-Feeling” by checking this photo out.

Take a look for yourself here:

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