SDCC’13: Ashley Wood X Good Smile Company Exclusive T.O.T.E.M. Kit


While at SDCC 2013 this past weekend, I was fortunate to meet famed illustrator Ashley Wood at the IDW Publishing / threeA Toys Booth. The good people at Good Smile Company were also on hand selling an exclusive kit they made in collaboration with Ashley for his EVENFALL model line. Ashley mentioned that he was keen on seeing how people were going to decorate their EVENFALL kits, which come in 1/35-scale. I decided to try my hand at building one.




The kit, called the EVENFALL T.O.T.E.M. THUG SUIT V.1 is molded of nice quality, light grey colored plastic and is very basic, requiring only a single tree holding just 12 parts. The kit features ball jointed arms, legs, and feet but offers very little else in terms of movement and poseability. I suppose poseability wasn’t the point of this kit. It sold for $15 at SDCC ’13 and came with an Ashley Wood illustrated poster.


The TOTEM kit is snap together and requires painting. I started by separating the parts off the tree, sanding where I needed to, washed it, and covered each part with Tamiya Fine Surface Primer in white. I’m by no means a good painter when it comes to model kits since I get way too impatient to let the paint dry between layers. But with this kit, I contained my excitement to allow the primer to dry.



The beauty of the Ashley Wood’s TOTEM OSM is that there isn’t a predetermined color or scheme it is painted. Every kit is up to the builder to make their own. I had to figure out what to do in this department. To start, i figured that I’ll just paint it with whatever paint I already had. I haven’t painted a kit in over a decade, so I gathered the paints that didn’t have their caps dried shut and surveyed what colors that were still usable. I ended up with what you see below plus a couple of Gundam paint markers. Remembering a conversation I had with Frances “Mamitan” Delgado of Good Smile Company; she mentioned how Ashley wasn’t quite fond of the vocaloid character Hatsune Miku that was plastered all over Akihabara on a recent trip there. I thought, perfect, I’m going to make a Miku inspired TOTEM.

Since it is a Good Smile kit, I thought it would be cool to do something Good Smile themed as well. I drew my inspiration from Goodsmile Racing’s GSR Hatsune Miku BMW Z4 race car. I looked up the graphics on Google and was able to reproduce my own waterslide decals through photoshop and a inkjet printer. Voila, here is the decal sheet:


After some paint here is what I ended up with for the base TOTEM prior to decals. The GSR BMW is part white and silver underneath its itasha graphics, so I went for the same with this kit. It is mostly white with some color highlights. The lower leg portions are painted in metallic silver.


The last step was to apply the decals. I printed extra graphics just in case I needed it, but ended up only using a few of them since the surface area of the TOTEM is so small. Again, I’m not patient when building kits, so the work is not very neat. Other than the white primer, the paint was applied by brush and the panel lines by Gundam marker.


I wonder what Ashley thinks about this Good Smile Racing / Hatsune Miku rendition of his TOTEM. :)


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Ashley Wood:
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images: Jerry @ Plastik Dolls

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