Electric Lolita City


Illustrator John Hathway does some amazing work featuring manga style art. His art is composited from separate pieces of illustrations to form immersive worlds based on a fantasy version of Akihabara’s otaku culture.

Magic Town Station (2010)

Magic Town Station (2010)

John Hathway manages to capture plenty of detail making each illustration a piece you can look at many times over. His work was featured at Art Fair Tokyo this past March. He works with Photoshop to put his works together using pieces from other illustrations. You can see how he puts an illustration together by viewing the Tokyo OtakuMode video below:

Nakano Broad-tube (2008)

Nakano Broad-tube (2008)

More Info:
John Hathway Official Websites:

John Hathway on Pixiv: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=21062

top image: Electric Lolita City by John Hathway

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