Evangelion Store Tokyo-01 in Harajuku


Fans of Evangelion, be prepared to have your minds blown when you step into this place. It’s an official Evangelion store that features everything from Evangelion themed Swiss Army knives and GPS Navigation units to champagne and Hello Kitty X Evangelion collaboration goods.


Sitting smack dab in the middle of Tokyo’s wild fashion center, Harajuku, the Evangelion Store Tokyo-01 isn’t where you think you imagine a scfi-fi anime store would be. It’s a couple of twists and turns down an alley or two behind a 100-Yen shop and near by a hair and nail art salon. When you do persevere and find it however, it’s everything a EVA fanboy or girl would want in a store.


Naturally, as with much of Japan, photos are not allowed in the store. So of course that didn’t deter me; I risked it all to bring you shots of the store’s innards. On the first floor you’ll find the nicer, higher end stuff. There are pieces of expensive clothing and accessories such as mens as well as women’s jackets, bags, ($50) t-shirts, Swiss Army knives, neck ties and the like. It\’s all decorated pretty clean and modern-like. There’s a cool life-size Rei statue near the register too.


Going up! LED light up stairs lead you to the second floor where they feature what seemed like way more items than the first level in terms of quantity as well as diversity. I spotted phone covers, posters, books, car accessories such as a GPS unit that displays your location as being in an EVA (which was pretty cool), stickers, drink ware, (cheaper) t-shirts, figures, model-kits, key rings, snacks, Hello Kitty collaboration items, and even EVA branded champagne.

eva-store-12 eva-store-11

To visit, you will want to take the Yamanote Line and exit at Harajuku Station. Proceed down Takeshita Street and go all the way down until you see a tiny alley of a street just before the Lotteria on your right side. As I recall there was the store 3 Coins just about there. Make a right down that little alley and hang another right when you can. Look left, that’s where the store is, you can’t miss it. When in doubt, take a look at the official site for a map and address.

More Info:
Evangelion Store Tokyo-01 Official Site: http://www.evastore2.jp/tokyo01/
Direct link to map and directions: http://www.evastore2.jp/tokyo01/access/

images: Jerry @ Plastik Dolls

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